The One Dollar Horse - Lauren St. John A cute little read. The One Dollar Horse chronicles the life of Casey Blue, whose father once stole some money, and now can't find a job for anything. Casey rides at an inner city stable in East London, doing your usual teen obsessed with horses thing, ie, mucking out stalls all day for the chance to trot around on an old nag for 15 minutes. One day, when walking with her father, they find the titular horse, being sent to a knacker's yard. They proceed to buy the horse for one American dollar, and thus begins a pretty standard horse adventure. Outcast girl and crazy horse rise up the ranks, and encounter various common teen horsey book drama. "Oh no! My hero is actually a jerk!" "Oh no! I'm off EastEnders and riding at this fancy three day event!" "Oh no! Boy I like is walking around with other girls!", ad infinitum. Despite this, it's still a good read. The plot races insanely fast, and the occasional jump in time can make it confusing at times. All in all, a good read, great for the horse crazy reader, who can easily find much to compare with Casey, and her dream of being the youngest rider to win Badminton.