The Christopher Killer - Alane Ferguson While reading this book, I kept having an odd feeling of deja vu, and it wasn't due to the fact that I read it once before, years ago. It was only after I finished that I realized what it was caused by, and that is that this book reads like a Nancy Drew book. Don't get me wrong, I love Nancy Drew, and still have a shelf full of the books, but 'The Christopher Killer' fits the mold perfectly. Cast of characters are introduced, all of them having something suspicious about them, spunky female teen follows all leads, occasionally getting off track, finds super secret clue, confronts the killer, gets in danger, but in the end, the mystery is solved and Nancy- I mean, Cameron is lauded for her genius. Like I said, I love Nancy Drew, and there are certainly worse things to take a page from, but this book isn't a totally new and spectacular thing. The one thing that sets this book apart is its forensics, and provides the nice, gory details of forensics that are honestly quite interesting. One last thing, is that one of the things the killer uses is not explained totally well. Without venturing in spoiler territory, I know what it is because I work with horses, and I feel like without the background knowledge of what it is, it can seem a bit like a macguffin- the plot purpose fits everything device. This was still a good read, and if you're looking for a good teen mystery that's not full of simpering brats, The Christopher Killer is a good choice.